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Professional Web design tells visitors quickly what they want to know without unnecessary and confusing bells and whistles. Making sure the navigation in your website design is predictable, consistent and easy to understand will help build a positive relationship with your visitors.

We design for personal and small business needs; when you want a web presence so people can find you, something other then your Facebook page. Our designs capture the visitors attention through the subtle use of colors, images, and a smooth flowing design.

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You can provide your own graphics and photographs or we can provide stock photo options to get you going. Know that you are the expert in your industry and as such, can best relay proper verbiage and the message you want to deliver. Expect us to involve you in the creation process.

We Consider

1. Personal Preferences

What websites do you like and why? What websites do you not like and why? The look and feel, functionality, colors etc.

2. Brand Reinforcement

Do you have a style guide or any existing collateral? Logos, brochures, old websites, posters and web banners are just some examples. Do you have the written content and images/photographs prepared for these pages?

3. Critical Components

What features do you want your website to have? Social media integration? Email collection and email marketing capability? Photo galleries? Who are your anticipated visitors? If you could roll all your visitors into one super-visitor; what would he/she be like? Not so much the demographics but more the psychographics.

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