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Avon Marketing Ideas – Do They Pass The Test In A World That’s Gone Online?

You might know that the person who “gave birth” to Avon was a man – not a woman AND that the company name was originally California Perfume Company. This article will uncover some details about Avon’s interesting history and discuss marketing under her roof. Avon is 125 years old, has 6.4 million representatives in 108 countries and has reached over $11 billion in annual revenue. Yes, she has stood the test of time, but does she need a marketing makeover?

Avon marketing ideas are on tap for you to make your life easier whether you’re a seasoned rep or you’re thinking about joining the Avon ranks – so keep reading…


A sixteen-year-old man who went door-to-door selling books, gave the lady of the house a free sample of perfume for allowing him “a foot in the door.” He soon realized they were far more passionate about the perfume than discussing his books. David McConnell who offered women affordable products, proceeded to give them an opportunity to own their own business many years before they were even allowed to vote and 95 years before the first woman was appointed to U.S. Supreme Court. In those days, McConnell was a radical thinker to say the least!

In 1886, this small company was founded then became a worldwide force. California Perfume Company was the name and the first product was the Little Dot Perfume Set with five fragrances. By the way, now many women are asking, “How much are my Avon bottles worth?” Since the product line grew far beyond just perfume, David McConnell, Jr. changed the name to Avon Products in 1939; the place where he lived in New York reminded him of Shakespeare’s Stratford-On-Avon. In 1954, the first Avon Calling TV advertisement was aired. In 1996, Avon was the first beauty company with an e-commerce site. And exactly one hundred years earlier, their first sales catalog consisted of text-only descriptions of all the items. In 2003, Avon presented its magazine-style catalog for teens called “Mark” then forged ahead with a catalog for men called “M” the next year.

While Avon established her brand as a household name across the globe, she also established her brand in the community. The Avon Foundation strives to make a difference regarding domestic violence, breast cancer research and disaster relief. This year marks 20 years for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and 8 years for Avon’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. Since 2001, Avon and The Avon Foundation has given $19 million to emergency relief for families affected by natural disasters.


As the Avon lady has marched forward and gone from every-hair-in-place dressed retro-style from head to toe in pink to the on-the-go-multi-task woman of today, the company has also changed from the Little Dot Perfume Set to Dot Com. The internet is a place where the Avon fun swirl earrings are displayed along with several product lines: cosmetics, fragrance, skin care, hair care, jewelry, fashion, wellness, toys and even home products such as dishes and decor. Make no mistake about it though, the Avon catalogs continue to be carefully placed in homes, doctors’ offices and in the work place, etc. As Martha Stewart might say, “It’s a good thing.” To the Avon catalog, I say, “It’s a FUN thing!”

Business Model

Avon is a direct-selling business with a multi-level-marketing compensation matrix. Avon emphasizes the face-to-face contact and personal attention to each customer. Commissions are earned in two ways: profit on products sold and override commissions on sales generated by one’s recruited team members. In both cases, the percentage of commission increases as the volume of products sold increases. Regular conventions and 20 courses of training is part of Avon’s effort to equip her sales force.

For most of Avon’s lifetime, business as usual has been door-to-door, distributing the catalogs every two weeks, home parties, collecting orders and then delivering the goods. As we’re all aware, the marketplace has moved to the World Wide Web where Avon representatives’ online ordering takes place. However, Avon representatives’ sites are not their own. You heard correct, Avon does not allow her reps to sell the products on websites other than the Avon corporate site where a code is required from the customer. There are template websites that permit an Avon representative to host e-parties and do virtual make-overs. I’m thinking, does everyone hop on Skype and watch each other apply the make-up? I’m still trying to wrap my brain around virtual make-overs! How does that work?


In my research, I noticed many Avon reps have gotten creative with marketing while staying in compliance with the company’s bylaws. For example, create a marketing portal, find and direct traffic (potential customers) there and then send them to the Avon website sales page with an E-Rep code in hand. Honestly, that part makes me nervous. How many of the potential customers are lost because they forgot, lost or made a typo with the E-Rep code? But that’s not the biggest challenge. Finding and directing traffic is the real issue at hand. It’s clear that Lady Avon stands tall among the global giants, so I’m not purposing a total marketing make-over. Everyone KNOWS how to find Avon online. But do they know how to find YOU, the Avon representative?

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