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Are Free Websites Really Free?

Over the past two years the internet has been swamped with a proliferation of offers for free websites. On a daily basis you can expect to see in your inbox or your spam folder, advertisements with subject lines such as; “free website,” “free mini site,” ” download your free website now,” “free monthly website” and other similar subject lines. But have you ever stopped to wonder; are these free websites really free?

For most newbie internet marketers the prospect of getting a free website with content is like discovering a field of diamonds. Without giving much consideration they will quickly hit the “download now” button with eager anticipation of getting their website. With fingers impatiently tapping on their keyboards as they wait for the few minutes of download to elapse they look on with excitement. As soon as the download is completed and they click to view their new website, WHAM! There is the irresistible one time offer (OTO) which is such a no brainer offer that anyone would be foolish to pass over.

With hearts still pounding away at the prospect of having their new website, now with the benefit of an OTO which is guaranteed to accelerate results and shorten the time period for achieving success they will quickly whip out their credit cards so as not to miss this irresistible offer. No sooner than they hit the “Buy now” button up pops a second and even a third OTO all promising even greater success than the previous offers. They then begin to think that they are now in too deep to turn back, and so most persons will take up the additional offers even at great financial sacrifice. Their new free website has now cost a small fortune.

Most newbie internet marketers will never take the time to learn the requirements for setting up and managing a website. Because of this they will not be prepared for the cost of hosting for the website and the cost of subscribing to an Auto-responder service. Some persons who offer these sites will also make it mandatory for you to pay a monthly fee for hosting. Hence, before they even begin to benefit from their free websites they are faced with recurring expenses. But after all these are normal expenses incurred by every online business.

So the new website is now up and running but there is no flood of sales coming in as promised in the initial offer. How is this? To begin with, remember that everyone who opted for these free websites will have identical sites. This will guarantee that your site will not be ranked by the search engines as your content is viewed as duplicate content. Therefore there will be no traffic going to your site, so no one will be seeing your product or service. In order for you to remedy this problem you will now have to incur further costs to hire some professional person to modify your site content in order for it to be unique.

At this point some persons may become frustrated and quit, thinking that running an online business is far too challenging for them to handle. A few others will recognize that running a business has its challenges and will therefore stick to the task of overcoming those challenges and doing what is necessary for success.

I am by no means bashing free websites. They have their place in the internet marketing business and they do provide valuable resources for some persons. However, do not be taken in by the word free. There is in my opinion, no such thing as a free website. All internet marketing businesses do involve some costs.

So the next time you see offers for free websites think seriously about everything that is involved in opting for any of them. If you do decide that this is your approach to starting your internet marketing business, plan carefully for the additional costs and prepare yourself for the work involved in turning your free website into a successful business venture.


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